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Georgina – Take OFF partner and project manager (GatwickDiamondJobs.com)

“Take OFF was our second project of this kind and right from the ‘off’ the students were determined to create a resource that would be engaging and useful for themselves and their peers.  The Take OFF Crew were from different schools and colleges and in different year groups and yet they worked together as a really strong team, consistently demonstrating the employability skills employers want.  The concept and design are excellent and it has been a real pleasure to work with the students, the project partners and all the local employers that have supported Take OFF thus far!  There’s always more to do when it comes to online resources, so if you’re reading this and want to be involved, please get in contact”
Georgina@LoveLocalJobs.com or tweet @georginaangele or @GDEmployability

Leigh Chambers, Economic Development Officer for Employment and the Visitor Economy at Horsham District Council.

“Take OFF will help prepare the next generation for work and raise the standard of in the local workforce.  If young people have the skills employers need, they are more likely to find and retain rewarding careers.  A skilled employable workforce is essential for businesses to grow, so this initiative will benefit the wider economy too.”

Toby, Oathall Community College – original Take OFF crew member

“This has been a great opportunity to have input in the development of an employability advice website aimed at people my age. I have had fun designing and coming up with the themes and content of the site along with the other creative designers. This website is a fantastic resource for young people in the Gatwick Diamond area who would like tips on getting a job and all other employment related topics. I had an amazing time interviewing employers so that young people will be able to hear things from their point of view.”

Jack, Oathall Community College – original Take OFF crew member

“Throughout my time working on Take OFF I have improved my own knowledge of employability. It has helped me write a CV and I have gained skills such as using WordPress to add bits to the website. I’ve enjoyed working on the creation of Take OFF and look forward to seeing this website grow!”

Ed, Oathall Community College – original Take OFF crew member

“Working on Take OFF has been an incredible experience for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very glad to be able to have helped in the making of this website and believe it can benefit everybody who uses it.”

Edward, Jamie and Sam, Forest School – original Take OFF crew members

“It was great to work with other young people from around West Sussex. It was good to see our original thoughts growing from scratch and developing into the final website. Conducting the interviews with employers was cool and we loved the fountain at Arora! It was definitely satisfying seeing all the work coming together. We’re really proud of the well polished final product. We love the website and can’t wait for other young people to start using it!”

Mel – Take OFF mentor (The College of Richard Collyer)

“The students involved in Take OFF really surprised me! They came up with ideas as good as anyone in marketing and were professional, timely and dedicated. It is credit to all those involved that this website exists and real testament to their enthusiasm. I am not usually one to sit quietly and the back of the room but the motivation and creativity the students showed meant I was happy to do just that as I could see it was in safe hands!”

Lucy Formosa, Work Related Learning at Tanbridge House School

“The Take OFF website looks really good, one of the best I’ve seen for this type of thing. There is so much poor quality information on the internet, but I am very pleasantly surprised by just how good Take OFF is. Quality of resources (C.V.s etc.) is so important and so many other sites just don’t come up to standard but Take OFF does a great job and is spot on. I like that it is a ‘one stop shop’ for careers resources and information, which is much needed by our students. It will make my job a lot easier!”

Patrick Cambridge, Head of IT at Manor Green College (Take OFF partner school)

“Our students have various degrees of learning difficulties, but Take OFF has given them the opportunity to work alongside students from mainstream schools.  There have been no barriers – everyone has got on extremely well, made new friends, learnt new skills and had a thoroughly positive experience. I’m very proud of what our students have achieved.  I think they have shown that they are capable of great things and have a lot to offer the workplace.”

Rosie Nicholls, Manor Green College – Original Take OFF Crew member

“Working on Take OFF has helped us build up our social skills.  It’s enabled us to go on work experience placements where we have used many of the skills we learnt on the project.”

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