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Attending interviews

Do you want to practice some interview questions and answers with Lord Sugar?


Download the best hints and tips for attending an interview

And here are some about the interview questions……

Your interview will be a series of questions designed to find out more about you. Questions they ask you should be open ended to encourage you to answer in full sentences. For example:

  • Tell me about…..?
  • How did you……?
  • Give full answers – avoid saying just yes or no
  • Listen carefully to the question – make sure you understand. It’s OK to ask them to repeat the question if you need to hear it again
  • Think before you answer – you can pause to think!
  • Provide examples to demonstrate your answers – you need to think about this beforehand so that you are prepared. Try this to help you
  • Don’t ramble or give unnecessary information
  • Be Positive! – for example, don’t be critical of your school/college/part-time employer or even yourself
  • Enter into a dialogue – interviews are a two way process
  • If you get stuck, pause and say “Would it be possible to have some extra time to think about this?” and ask to come back to it later
  • Ask when you will be likely to hear about the outcome of the interview
  • Thank them for their time
  • Smile and shake hands when you say goodbye!

And finally, why don’t you try out this virtual job interview to help improve your chances even more.


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