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The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS)

Do you want to work, get paid and gain a qualification? If yes, then an Apprenticeship may be the way forward for you.

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How do I find an Apprenticeship in the Gatwick Diamond?

Respond to a vacancy:

Get registered with a training provider:

  • Training providers support you during your Apprenticeship and will help you to achieve your qualifications. They are in regular contact with employers and may be able to help you find a vacancy. Find a local training provider at Apprenticeships in Sussex.

Find an employer:

  • You can approach employers directly by phone, letter or email to ask if they would consider taking an apprentice. If they say yes, give them the link above for information about local training providers. Some big employers may have details of their apprenticeship schemes on their own websites.

It can be hard to find an Apprenticeship so you will need to try all of the above. If you are in Year 11 or 12, you may want a back-up option in place, such as college, in case you can’t find an employer.

When you have found an Apprenticeship you want to apply for, you will need to complete an online application form on the National Apprenticeship Service website – remember to follow the advice that Take OFF gives you on completing application forms.

Watch this film for top tips on how to apply for an Apprenticeship


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