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A recruitment agency is an organisation which matches employers to employees. There are many different recruitment agencies in the Gatwick Diamond, some which deal with specific business sectors e.g. care and construction, others that cover all types of jobs.

Registering with a few recruitment agencies is a good way to keep up to date with the latest roles they have available. Many agencies will have a combination of permanent and contract opportunities at any given time, offering roles to suit your requirements.

For areas like construction and childcare some agencies won’t accept young people until they are 17, mainly for safety reasons but also because these roles need you to have gained some more life experience first.

You may be required to provide them with some of those really really important documents when you register. It’s a good idea to take an updated copy of your CV, but you will probably have to fill out an application form and possibly take basic tests to prove your skills.

Search Consultancy is a recruitment agency and a Founding Partner of GatwickDiamondJobs.com.

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