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Pay slip

Your contract of employment will tell you how much you will get paid, how often and by what method (e.g. cash, cheque or directly to your bank).

When you get paid (or just before) you will receive a payslip either accompanying the cash or cheque or on its own to show how much money has been paid into your bank.

What might my pay slip look like?

What it must contain:

  • Your name and permanent address
  • How much you have earned before any deductions = gross wages
  • Individual amount of any fixed deductions (e.g. trade union subscriptions)
  • Individual amount of any variable deductions (for example National Insurance Contributions or Income Tax)
  • How much you have earned after deductions = net wages (that’s what you’ll receive in cash, cheque or in your bank)

What it may contain:

  • National Insurance number
  • Tax code
  • Pay rate (annual or hourly)
  • Additional payments like overtime, tips and bonuses
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