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Your bank account

Most employers will expect to pay your wages into your Bank Account.

Do you have one?

Yes?  Great!

No?   Find out how to open one.

Types of Account
Current Account
(Can be managed through your branch or online)
Online Banking Simulator
  • Cheque Book
  • Account Card
  • Standing Orders and Direct Debits
  • Overdraft by agreement
Savings Account
(Can include National Savings & Investments account from the Post Office)
  • Interest on Balance
  • No Cheque book
  • Account Card / Book – if applicable to the account
Online Savings Account
  • Interest on Balance (Often better rates of interest)
  • No Cheque Book
  • No Account Card / Book

Not everyone can open a bank account. Banks will not open an account for you if you are not able to provide them with certain information that proves who you are and where you live.

Documents needed to open a Bank Account
Evidence of who you are
  • Passport
  • Full Driving Licence (with photo card)
  • Full Birth Certificate
Evidence of where you live
  • Utility Bill
  • Mobile Phone Bill
  • Account Card / Book – if applicable to the account
Evidence of where you work
  • Payslip
  • Letter from employer
How and where to open a Bank Account
High Street Bank Go into your local bank and speak to customer services or one of the cashiers for details on how to open an account
On the internet If you apply online, you will often need to download an application form or complete an online form. You will also have to send the evidence they require at a later stage.
At the Post Office You can open a NS&I account at your local Post Office. You will need to complete a form obtained from the Post Office.

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