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Moving-hand We interviewed local employers about employability skills - find out what they saidWith Gatwick Airport at its heart, the Gatwick Diamond is well known for its strong economy and variety of businesses.

Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex are part of  the Gatwick Diamond area, extending over a range of towns and villages with approximately 381,000 residents. The businesses of the Gatwick Diamond perform a number of activities, serving residents, students, visiting tourists and other businesses.

No matter which business you work in, your focus will be Customer Service.

On the left, you’ll find information and interviews with employers in some of the major and growing sectors of business in the Gatwick Diamond. If you can’t see what you’re looking for there, try the National Careers Service job profiles.

 The growing industries in the Gatwick Diamond are:

Sector Employees in this sector
 Airport, Travel & Tourism  30,450
 Business & Financial Services  51,900
 Construction  11,690
 Creative Digital & IT  8,180
 Education  14,970
 Health & Life Sciences  9,620
 Health & Social Care  18,480
 Hospitality & Catering  13,590
 Professional Services  16,040
 Retail  18,600
 Rural & Land Based Business  2,250


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