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What the employer expects of you

What you might need to know or take with you on your first day

  1. The exact address of where you are going to be working and how to get there (it might not be at the same venue as the interview!)
  2. Who to report to when you arrive
  3. The dress code (this should be made clear to you by the type of job you’re doing e.g. bricklayer (old clothes) / check out assistant (uniform) or during the interview or follow up conversations (make sure you ask)
  4. Your bank account details (if they are paying you directly into your bank account)
  5. Your National Insurance number
  6. Your P45  (if you’ve had a job before)
  7. Your lunch if you’re not sure if there is a canteen
  8. Who to contact (and their phone number) if you are going to be late or absent (which you aren’t going to be unless it’s completely unavoidable!)
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