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What to expect from the employer

What you might find out or be given on your first day or over the first few weeks

An Induction

To ease you into your new job, most companies will give you an induction during your first few days. On the first day you will probably:

  • be introduced to the people you will be working with
  • be shown around your place of work
  • be told about what you will be doing on a day to day basis
  • be told what to do if you need time off for illness

This is the best opportunity to ask general questions about the job and your employer. If you do have any worries or concerns, it’s a good idea to raise them at the end of this conversation.

A continued Induction

Over the next few days and weeks you should be given all the training you need to do your job.

All about Health and Safety

An employer has a responsibility to look after your health and safety at work, so you will be told about any risks that you may come across in your place of work and where all the safety equipment is.

How to deal with bullying and discrimination

All employees are entitled to work in a place that is free from discrimination and bullying, no matter how long you have been working there. There are laws that are there to protect you, regardless of your age, gender, race, religion and sexuality. If you are being discriminated against at work, tell your manager as soon as possible.

Your Contract of Employment

This Contract of Employment is between you and your employer. Although it doesn’t always have to be in writing or signed, this contract covers your basic rights at work.

Your Pay Slip

No matter how much or how often you get paid, you must receive a written pay statement every time you receive your wages. It is important to keep hold of your payslips in a safe place in case you need them. Other important documents you need to keep hold of relating to your pay will be your P60 which you should receive once a year showing how much tax you have paid and when you leave a job you will be sent your P45 which you will need to start your next job.

Your leave entitlement

If working full-time, all workers have a right to at least 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave – BUT bank and public holidays can be included in your minimum entitlement. If your company offers little or no training, you can also get time off to work and study if you decide to take any further education courses.

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